My Mind

So, on my blog with the generic name that wont be listed, I reblog quality photos to entertain the multitudes. On this blog, I will post anything I feel like. Mostly text posts, all pertaining to my mood at the absolute moment in which it is published. This is, above all, an experiment. Be ware, I may post my fanfictions, which may have an audience rating of M for mature. They also may be powerpuff girls fanfictions. Some of my posts may be little snippets of my day, and some could be in depth romance excerpts from the deep contoures of my awkward, mature-for-my-age mind. Read at your own expense.

I don’t like being naked,

but I like the sound of birds just waking up, when their songs are broken, and suddenly they come together. And I like when the sun comes back after hours of being gone. And I like early morning coffee dates. And I like spending quality time discussing whatever is on my mind.

And I think that should be alright for me.

All my life, I’ve been good at a very limited number of things.

Let’s Talk About Friends

Okay, so here’s the story. You meet someone, and you hit it off instantly. Not in a romantic sense, but in a personable sense. They’re funny, nice, smart…They’re an all around good person and you honestly are so excited to build a friendship with them. You tell each other everything, every little detail of your day, your dreams, your future goals. Eventually, you run out of room to store your feelings in the friendship spectrum, and, not even slightly by your own will, you begin to store your feelings in the romantic spectrum. Suddenly this new person has opened up in front of your eyes. This person you’re friends with, this person you can tell anything to, and suddenly you have feelings for them. It’s amazing, it’s breathtaking, it’s heart-stopping. They feel the same, and you share that first kiss, and wow is it something. You didn’t realize your heart could race so fast. You talk about your future, but now they’re in it. You picture yourself with them, because they mean that much to you. So much that you’re willing to risk losing it all just to be with them. And then it happens. Some small, tiny, jealous twinge when you notice them sharing their secrets with someone else. Those secrets that were yours to keep are now someone else’s as well. And you’re hurt. So hurt that you shut down. It’s awful, because now you have no one. You invested so much of yourself into someone who invested that much into someone else. So you confront them about it, and they get upset, and they wonder why you’re acting so strange and why it seems like things have changed. So you stop talking. You figure it’ll blow over, and things will be fine after you both cool off. But then you hear from some friends or maybe some gossip on a forum that they’re romantically involved with this other person, and you realize that your jealousy was as spot on as you first imagined. Of course it was. Because you recognized they way they made that someone else laugh, they way they shared their secrets and their dreams. You recognized it because that used to be you. And now you’re alone. Love sucks.